New school year brings new entrance

September 5, 2017 — by Connie Liang and Annissa Mu

New entrance to school built over the summer. 

As returning students pulled up in the reorganized parking lot when classes began last month, many of them noticed the school’s striking new entrance.

It features stately red letters reading Saratoga High School standing out amidst a modern steel-gray framework. In addition, various benches, a new flag pole and shrubbery dotted with violet flowers surround the refurbished right wing parking lot.

Flanked by the new music building and leading directly to the main office, the new entrance and parking lot has garnered praise from students and staff alike.

The construction project, which was scheduled to be done on Aug. 17, came in ahead of deadline, finishing by Aug. 2 and surpassing expectations

“When I first saw it, I thought the school was going to look so much more modern than it actually did,” freshman Sam Titherington said. “It gave off a sophisticated yet serious sort of vibe.”

Aside from boosting the school’s visual appeal, the new entrance and parking lot improvements have many practical uses as well.

Sophomore Riya Kalra noted that parking lot changes disperse traffic and have made the drop-off of students faster. Many students in the music program have also taken advantage of the direct path from the parking lot. Instead of having to lug heavy instruments through the main front entrance and the quad, they now walk a short route to the new music building.

“The new entrance allows a much more efficient way for me to get to my first-period choir class,” sophomore Caroline Lee said. “It would be difficult without it because my class is on the second floor.”

Assistant principal Brian Thompson expressed his appreciation for the changes as well, explaining that parents, visitors, delivery people and those who have business on campus now can enter straight from the parking lot.

“It’s a total positive,”  Thompson said, concerning the new entrance. “It’s beautiful, gorgeous and has made safety the best it’s ever been since I’ve been here.”


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