Juniors blast into Homecoming preparations

Photo by Muthu Palaniappan

Junior Ines Picard works on homecoming decorations during a meeting on Sept. 18. 

September 18, 2017 — by Ava Hooman

The juniors were laughing hysterically while they were holding script tryouts, having people act as a pregnant lady giving birth at an inexperienced doctor’s office.

The juniors, who were given the theme of “Back to the Future” this year, got straight to planning as soon as they received their theme at Food Truck Fest the Friday before school started. To ensure that they were able to have enough time to practice and create decorations, the class began planning even before then.

During the summer, the class officers contacted choreographers, collected materials and took measurements for decorations so they could be better prepared.

This year, the juniors are storing decoration supplies and holding meetings at Zoyah Shah’s home. She prepares the meetings with her friends by planning what to do so everyone can be efficient.

“We started having meetings a little later than we would have liked, so we are a little behind,” Shah said.

Their hopes to be ahead of the other grades did not last. Since many of the juniors are overwhelmed with their busy schedules, there has been a lack of participation.  

Building decorations and perfecting dances require participation from the majority of the grade and without it, the juniors are having an extremely difficult time trying to finish everything on time for Homecoming. The officers are hoping for more participation once they get closer to their Sept. 28 Quad Day.

“Homecoming is a great way to take a break from studying and relieve stress, so if we had more people coming to the meetings it would help a lot,” Shah said.

Junior Isabella Taylor is one of the juniors who has been present for all the meetings and helps with all the decorations.

“We need more people to come and help so we can make sure everything is finished on time and can compete with the other grades. We should be more experienced after two years, but hopefully everything will go as planned,” Taylor said.

The officers hope to either make or get Delorean, the car from “Back to the Future,” and they are incorporating electronic music for their dances to give an ‘80s vibe.

They have also been looking forward to making sturdier decorations and a main arch since they are allowed to use wood this year.

“If it all goes according to plan, we could definitely compete with the senior class to win,” Pickard said.


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