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December 8, 2014

Five speakers presented at the TEDx event in the Thermond Drama Center  on Dec. 7.

January 16, 2015

After four months of designing, planning, preparing and painting, a Math Quad mural designed by freshman Lillian Zeng was completed on Jan. 5.

January 22, 2015

Indian Cultural Awareness Club members have been preparing for their annual show, Bombay in the Bay, which will take place in the McAfee Center on Feb. 13 and 14.

January 22, 2015

A small organization that helps wounded and ill service members will be the recipient of the money raised in the annual Benefit Fashion Show on March 7.

January 22, 2015

A  lack of language options at the middle school level and competition from other electives have resulted in increasingly small French classes.

English teacher takes one-semester leave of absence
Carnival wraps up week of inspiration
Leadership class grants wishes big and small
Speak Up for Change week spreads message through assemblies
Former teacher recalls school’s humble origins
Marine biology and AP Biology students explore Catalina Island
Math club gears up for competition season
January 25, 2015 — by Jenny Qian and Kelly Xiao

Students who have had AP Language and Composition and English 10 teacher Ken Nguyen know him to be humorous, witty and skilled at teaching.

January 25, 2015 — by Neehar Thumaty and Oksana Trifonova

Intended to help students relax and celebrate a successful week of inspiration, the carnival in the Quad ended Speak Up for Change week on Jan. 23.

January 25, 2015 — by Miles Albert and Deepthi Sampathkumar

As part of Speak Up for Change week, the Leadership class asked students and staff what wishes they would like to be granted.

January 25, 2015 — by Devin Zhao

As part of Speak Up for Change Week, the school held two assemblies, which featured a variety of speakers who shared their stories with students.

January 25, 2015 — by Kelly Xiao

Dr. Hugh Roberts, a retired lawyer who is now the Mock Trial coach, began teaching at the school in 1959, the very year it opened.

January 25, 2015 — by Becky Hoag and Devin Zhao

Twenty-five marine biology and AP Biology students took a trip to Catalina Island from Jan. 16-18.

January 25, 2015 — by Dorrie Tang

For members of the math club, the past months have been quite relaxed, scattered with minor contests. 

Concussions interfere with senior’s field hockey involvement
Athletic trainer sees rewards in profession
Rowers enjoy serenity, benefits of sport
Soccer players who prefer outside clubs over school teams seek high levels of competition
Twins benefit from playing soccer together
Goalkeeper reflects on his years playing soccer
Girls’ basketball: strong team bond beneficial for play on court
January 20, 2015 — by Kelly Xiao

Dedication can only do so much when the body betrays an athlete.

Senior Nidhi Vellanki understands this concept particularly well, having been left with a string of concussions and a torn ACL from playing basketball and field hockey.

January 20, 2015 — by Caitlin Ju and Nupur Maheshwari

SHS athletic trainer Liz Alves, who has been working in the position for seven years, helps provide diagnosis, treatments and emergency care year-round to all the school’s athletes.  

December 5, 2014 — by Gwynevere Hunger, Nidhi Jain and Vibha Seshadri

Rowing, though a sport low-profile around campus, plays a crucial role in a several students’ lives. Its most attractive qualities, according to these students, are its meditative effect and rewarding benefits, such as the proud feeling of pushing their physical and mental limits.

December 5, 2014 — by Aditya Chaudhry and Jihau Yu

Two students discuss playing for soccer club teams rather than the school's teams.

December 5, 2014 — by Emily Chen and Karissa Dong

Play time together on the soccer field helps tighten the bond between twin sisters juniors Kaitlyn and Kimberly Chen, as they learn to get through tough moments and enjoy themselves during funny moments.

December 5, 2014 — by Aditya Chaudhry and Helen Chen

Due to disappointing moments like this last year, the Falcons finished with a 2-12 record and were pushed down to the lower El Camino League this year. Starting the ‘14-15 season, senior goalkeeper Edwin Chen has high hopes for improvement.

December 4, 2014 — by Nidhi Jain and Vibha Seshadri

The girls' basketball team's bonding events build the players’ relationships with each other and are important on the court.


Colleges should decrease deferral rates
Career Day beneficial to students, but some presenters need more guidance
Why Anita Sarkeesian is wrong
Fraternities: a college’s nightmare
Community college education needs consideration and respect
SAT security policies should be strengthened
Charlie Hebdo attack a testament to importance of free press
January 25, 2015 — by Maya Ravichandran and Carolyn Sun

While a deferral from a college may look a lot better than a rejection, the percentage of deferred applicants from most colleges is too high and should be cut down.

January 22, 2015 — by Arman Vaziri

While Career Day can help provide students with new options and perspectives, it’s not always as useful as it could be. A lack of student interest and dull presentations can render the day a waste of time.

January 22, 2015 — by Atirath Kosireddy

Last August, a controversy erupted in the gaming world over a relationship between reporter Nathan Grayson, who works for gaming magazine Kotaku, and game developer Zoe Quinn. Gamers have been demanding Grayson be fired for giving Quinn’s game a positive review.

January 21, 2015 — by Maya Prasad and Fiona Sequeira

Fraternities were created to increase brotherly bonding and promote ethical conduct, but recently, they have been riddled with problems.

January 21, 2015 — by Becky Hoag

Many people dismiss the idea of community college because of the negative stigma around the education at these schools.

January 20, 2015 — by Trevor Leung and Neehar Thumaty

The College Board needs to tighten up its policies to prevent students from cheating the system.

January 20, 2015 — by Maya Prasad and Fiona Sequeira

The devastating attack of the weekly satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” raised global discussion over the importance of freedom of press and the way society responds to its manifestations. While respect for religious beliefs is obviously important, freedom of speech is a crucial pillar of democracy that should never be compromised, even in light of such irrationally violent events.

'White Collar' finale not ideal but fitting
Resolution ends in semi-flop
Ask Sara... #3
The odds were in the favor of ‘Mockingjay Part 1’
Cupertino bakery doesn’t live up to glowing reviews
Anticipation builds as new Star Wars movie comes closer to release
Senior potter carves out passion in ceramics
January 25, 2015 — by Maya Ravichandran and Carolyn Sun

After the riveting cliffhanger of “White Collar” Season 5 finale left us sitting speechless before the TV screen, we waited anxiously for 10 months for the next episode. 

January 23, 2015 — by Devin Zhao

When I first made the New Year’s resolution to be nicer, I didn’t know what to expect.

January 22, 2015 — by Anonymous

Questions sent to an anonymous account ( were answered here.

January 22, 2015 — by Maya Prasad

After I watched the third movie of the Hunger Games series, “Mockingjay Part 1,” released on Nov. 21, I was so stunned at its brilliance that my parents had to drag me out of AMC 14 before I snuck into another theater for a second round.

January 22, 2015 — by Miles Albert and Gitika Nalwa

We entered the Chinese pastry shop Kee Wah Bakery with high hopes and empty stomachs, expecting to be amazed. The bakery had received rather generous reviews on Yelp, perhaps due to its friendly staff and lovely ambiance. However, its hours were too short and its pastries were too small for the price, leading to a rather disappointing visit.

January 22, 2015 — by Rotem Shaked

Star Wars fans and movie fanatics alike are quivering in anticipation of the first installment of the series to release in a decade.

January 21, 2015 — by Michelle Cen and Ami Nachiappan

Senior Irene Chen takes a keen interest in ceramics and intends to pursue it in the future. 

Please, sir, I want some more
Pens: Always on (ball)point
Magic lies in the powers of the pencil
Can you: speak in Spanish for an entire day?
Reporters encourage crack: trivia crack, that is
Senior loves old movies so much it hurts
Seniors spend way too much time at Starbucks
January 22, 2015 — by Cassandra King and Amelia Schwabe

We promised ourselves that, as an early New Year’s resolution, we would go (however long) without consuming more than one cookie-sized sweet per day.  We had not realized at the time exactly how difficult this would be, even though we basically live off of chocolate and sugar.

January 22, 2015 — by Jade Bisht

Pencils are high maintenance and bothersome. Of course, most writing utensils are — they stand in the tall shadow of life’s greatest gift: pens.

January 22, 2015 — by Maya Prasad

Buying a fresh, new pack of pencils from OfficeMax can be described as one of the most magical moments life offers. Every time I complete my homework, I take a second to notice the amazing powers of the often under-appreciated pencil.


January 22, 2015 — by Saya Sivaram and Amulya Vadlakonda

In a moment of great mental weakness, we decided that it might be a good idea to challenge our linguistic talents and speak only Spanish for the duration of an entire Friday. Bonus points for speaking with a telenovela (soap opera) voice.

January 20, 2015 — by Jade Bisht, Andrew Jiang and Sherrilyn Ling

The new insanely addictive app called Trivia Crack has officially swept teens and teachers across the nation, destroying free time and friendships.

January 20, 2015 — by Sherrilyn Ling

“Old movies are so boring.”

Don’t ever say that around me unless you want to get slapped.

January 20, 2015 — by Jade Bisht and Sherrilyn Ling

Anyone who follows our Snapchat stories is fully aware of our constant presence at Starbucks. Honestly, we spend more time sitting on their familiar couches than we do at our own respective homes.

Photo of the week

As part of Speak Up for Change week from Jan. 20-23, students in Spanish classes listed their dreams on colorful pieces of construction paper.


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