Weird food combos don’t ‘dip’-appoint

February 8, 2018 — by Phoebe Wang

“That’s disgusting.”

Generally, I get this reaction from friends when I dip my grapes in cream cheese. However, even if the combination sounds or looks gross, the crisp grapes and smooth cream cheese actually tastes delicious in a unique way, combining sweet and savory flavors.

I enjoy trying new foods and weird food combinations such as cold pizza and soda, chips in ice cream and greek yogurt combined with black pepper and vanilla extract.

Dipping cold pizza slices in Coca-Cola or Sprite gives the pizza a sweet, fizzy taste that mixes perfectly with its savory aspects. The spongy crust soaks up the soda and becomes saturated with the soda’s flavor. This combination results in an unforgettable taste that is both sweet and salty.

I also enjoy tossing a few chips in my ice cream. The ice cream complements the chips regardless of the ice cream flavor or type of chip. I usually pair Dreyer’s vanilla ice cream with Lays Classic Potato Chip. The crisp, salted chips and sugary ice cream together taste almost like sea salt caramel. Chips also introduce a nice crunchy texture to compliment the ice cream.

The last weird combination I like is one of a little different blend black pepper, vanilla extract and sugar mixed into my greek yogurt, giving the yogurt a very distinct smell. Adding sugar compensates for the sour taste of greek yogurt while black pepper adds a bit of a spicy taste.

Since I’ve successfully experimented a variety of oddly pleasant combinations, I expected to be OK with banana on pizza. But I was wrong.

The texture of the slimy banana on top of the pizza was interesting, but this combination is not one I’d like to eat a second time. I did not enjoy the addition of this fruit to my pizza because the topping gave it a weird texture that was both chewy and slimy. However, for those who don’t mind having fruit on their pizza, I’d say at least try it to see if it’s to your liking.

I think that almost any combination of food is worth a taste — be adventurous! Even though it might initially smell funny or look unappetizing, you could potentially find that you like the combination, and it’s not so weird after all.