Upcoming SHS events promise fun activity and excitement

April 20, 2009 — by Grishma Athavale and Aditi Jayaraman

With the Indian Cultural Awareness Club (ICAC)’s “Bombay in the Bay,” the Alternative Energy and Fuel Fair (AEFF), Career Day and Junior Prom approaching, the next couple weeks promise excitement and lots of activity on and off campus for students.

Bombay in the Bay

Preparations for “Bombay in the Bay,” which began in December, are coming to a close. The event will be held April 4 in the McAfee Center. The event will showcase different dances and songs depicting Indian culture as well as a skit comedy. Senior co-presidents Aditi Jayaraman and Kushal Shah said practices for the show have been picking up pace and that members have been vigorously working on arrangements for the show.

“We’re definitely making some changes [for the show] this year,” said senior Farid Jiandani, “but those who attend can definitely expect the same entertaining dances and tunes at the show.”

Career Day

Career Day 2009, to be held April 21, will allow students to meet and converse with adults working in jobs in law enforcement and real estate, to those working in bioengineering firms and as chefs in restaurants. Students posted their three top career choices in advance on Naviance in preparation for the event, and those who didn’t get all of their top three choices will be put in careers that are close to what they signed up for.

“My hopes for Career Day are that the kids have an informative day, gaining insights on various careers,” said staff member Bonnie Sheikh, who coordinated the event.

About 70 speakers are expected to arrive, including the CEO of Splunk, an actor from the San Jose Reparatory in the production “The Kite Runner” and former state senator Liz Figueroa.

Alternative Energy Fair

Saratoga High will play host to a fair promoting alternative and eco-friendly energy methods at AEFF. The event will bring together green companies PG&E, Toyota, Lexus and other auto associations around the Bay Area, to showcase their respective green products and ideas. Events commissioners, junior Sophia Cooper, freshman Mac Hyde and sophomore Amalie MacGowan are organizing the event, which will be held on April 22 during lunch and after school at 7 p.m.

Junior Prom

Junior Prom will be held April 25 at 7 p.m. at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose. The junior class has found it particularly difficult to work with minimal funds but has adjusted well as a result of the success of Saratoga Idol.

“We’re trying our hardest to cut down on costs, so we’ve gotten free centerpieces, a free photographer, a cheap DJ and I think we’re going to end up doing most of the decorations ourselves with the help of AMB designs,” said junior class president Tiffany Mo. “So far, everything has worked out well, and we’ve been able to negotiate successfully with all our partners, so it should turn out really well and we’re hoping for a big turnout.”

Official announcement of the theme and prices of bids will be made in about a week.

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