Two new COVID-19 cases prompt widespread testing

December 8, 2021 — by Selina Chen

Clutching bright pink call slips, students flocked to the health office on Dec. 3, following the school’s second instance of discovering COVID-19 cases after its first record on Nov. 4.

On the night of Dec. 2, assistant principal Brian Thompson informed the staff that a student and an adult have tested positive for COVID-19, amounting to a total of five cases — three adults, two students — thus far into the year at the school and 32 in the district, 75% of which were found at Los Gatos High School, according to the LGSUHSD Dashboard.

The student’s close contacts — seven staff members and about 150 students from their seven classes — were scheduled to take emergency PCR testing on Dec. 3 and a second time on Dec. 8. The adult had no close contacts on campus, Thompson said.

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