TOP TEN: Things to do this Summer

May 30, 2018 — by Victor Liu & Muthu Palaniappan

10. Get a boating license. You won’t be pulling into the parking lot in your motorboat next year, but at least you’ll be pulling into the beach during the summer.

9. Host a fried butter eating competition. That way, you won’t feel guilty about downing three of those suckers in a span of 16 minutes.

8. Pay a visit to Jökulsárlón. It’s the deepest lake in Iceland, where you can bury your regrets during the past semester.

7. Make a bonfire on the beach. Use the homework you never turned in as tinder.

6. Fix the broken bike that’s been sitting in your garage for the past five and a half years. That thing isn’t going to fix itself.

5. Do some required summer reading. That is, if your summer reading consists of nutrition labels and highway billboards.

4. Take a road trip. To your fridge.

3. Go on a safari trip. Open the web browser and you’ll have access to a whole other world.

2. Get a hot beach body. The body of a beached whale.

1. Visit some colleges. West Valley and De Anza have some beautiful campuses.

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