Top 10 ways to get bored

October 6, 2021 — by Nikhil Mathihalli and Aiden Ye

10. Count to 100. 98 … 99 … 100. Was that really worth it?

9. Play “Madden 21.” It’s literally the same game as “Madden 20,” but somehow worse. You just wasted $60.

8. Wait an extra five minutes to go to class. Since five minutes passing periods were working so well, the district probably thought they should double the length for double the greatness. 

7. Waiting for Windows computers to update. Hey, I know you’re in the middle of doing something super important and haven’t saved in a while yet, so let me hit you with a 6-hour update!

6. Watch Netflix adaptations of anime. If you fed the anime video through a cow, going through all four stomachs and being excreted out, the result would still be better than the Netflix adaptations.

5. Browse r/politics. Another meme roasting Trump, what’s new?

4. Watch “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” It’s better than the original, but it’s still extremely boring. LeBron is the GOAT at basketball. Not so much at acting.

3. Wait in the mile-long hot lunch lines. Woohoo! Time to eat lunch … Oh wait, 5th period already started.

2. Listen to the daily announcements. Heyyyyy Aiden! Heyyyyy Nikhil! Why do people take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing? In case they get a hole in one! Ha ha ha …

1. Read this top 10. We probably should have included a disclaimer …

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