Top 10 ways to catch a leprechaun

March 6, 2021 — by Rohan Kumar and Alan Zu

10. Rethink your life decision. Are a couple of coins really worth thinking this hard for? Well, gold coins maybe not, but chocolate coins absolutely yes.

9. Trick him into asking Mr. Yim about cacti. No one would dare leave while Mr. Yim is extolling the virtues of those spiky green plants.

8. Hit him with a Danny Devito meme. If that doesn’t incapacitate the leprechaun with uncontrollable fits of laughter, we have no idea what will.

7. Just leave your laptop open. Your keyboard is bound to be extremely sticky from all the snacks you’ve been sneakily eating during English. 

6. Read a Biology textbook out loud. Nothing can resist the sleep-inducing qualities of the words “monosaccharide,” “abiogenesis” and “5-hydroxytryptamine,” so make sure you’re wearing noise-canceling headphones. 

5. Put on “The Mandalorian.” You will inevitably get stuck staring at your TV for another 8 hours, but so will the leprechaun.

4. Make a lego trap. Low effort strategy: Just scatter the bricks on the floor. Even a single block is enough to cripple even the strongest leprechaun. 

3. Make a tiny face mask. There just aren’t enough manufacturers of leprechaun protective gear, so masks are quite in demand.

2. Set up a tripwire with your earbuds. Oh. Wow. You only own AirPods? Thank you so much for letting us know.

1. Use pyrite as bait. Fool’s gold is perfect for fools who still think that leprechauns exist.