Top 10 pains ache in very real ways

May 12, 2023 — by Victoria Lin and Aiden Ye
The pains we experience as a student.

10. Papercut pain

When you use hand sanitizer, you especially feel the sting of cuts you didn’t even know existed.

9. Back Pain

You’re simply gaining a valuable perspective on how old people feel, mostly caused by carrying backpacks around campus that weigh as much as small motorcycles.

8. Head Pain

Migraines shouldn’t start in the teenage years, but taking four APs and two honors classes while participating in six extracurricular activities can have that effect.

7. AP Testing Pain
It’s that time of year again when you get to spend 3 hours tirelessly writing for your AP US History exam only to realize that Abraham Lincoln was in fact, not from the 1900s.

6. Test Grade Pain

There’s nothing like that feeling of impending dread when you collect your test after your teacher writes that the test average is 48%. 

5. Toe-Stubbing Pain

Almost as bad as stepping on a Lego in your bare feet. Ouch.

4. Deadline Pain

Everyone knows the best time to start a big project is the midnight before it’s due. So why do we do it again and again?

3. Covid Pain

There are few experiences less rewarding than lying in bed all day with a 101-degree fever, getting headaches at the sight of a screen and being able to eat only porridge. 

2. Knee Pain

Is it someone eating a granola bar? No, it’s just my knee bones having a heated, painful argument every time I take the lightest step.

1. Rejection Pain

When the recipient of a promposal says no after you spend two months gathering up your courage to ask.

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