Top 10 excuses for turning your camera off on Zoom

April 14, 2021 — by Andy Chen and Allen Luo

10. You have to go to the bathroom. In-person or not, some things never change.

9. You got a bad haircut. Make sure to wear a hoodie as proof.

8. Your WiFi is down horrendous. This one also works if you get cold called while spacing out.

7. You’re eating food. Please turn your mic off.

6. Your mother’s yelling at you. Please turn your mic on.

5. You’re changing. Alternatively, your dog is changing.

4. Your webcam isn’t working. Who’s to say it’s not?

3. You have a large pimple. Your teachers will understand.

2. Your mic isn’t working. Bonus points if you verbally tell your teacher.

1. You’re at school for phase 3B. You’re out of luck.

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