Top 10: effective rizz techniques

November 15, 2022 — by Allison Tan
Photo by Allison Tan
Ally’s book of rizz never lies.
Ten fool-proof techniques to make your special someone fall head over heels for you. However, try so at your own risk — the Falcon is not liable for any broken hearts.
  1. Drive them around for hours without music 

Everyone loves a good mystery which is why you should gatekeep your music taste and sit in utter silence the entire way to Skyline. 

  1. Call them “pookie”

Look directly into their eyes and enunciate the “p.”

  1. Body slam them into the ground to get shotgun when going off for lunch

There is no better way to assert your dominance than to send them to the ER. Plus, they’ll definitely be head over heels, just not quite in the way that you would imagine.

  1. Cut them off in the parking lot

Good driving is attractive, which is why you should take this to the next level by disregarding traffic laws. 

  1. Send them “these initials belong together” TikToks with your initials

Want to let your special someone know you’re thinking about them? Send them a TikTok that a prepubescent 12-year-old made while sitting on the toilet. 

  1. Call them “Ma” 

All you have to do to lock in your crush is to hit them with the single liner: “Shi, you good, Ma?”

  1. Drive to their house and get sturdy when their parents open the door 

No comment. 

  1. Go out with the person you told your significant other not to worry about

Want to put the push-and-pull method to the test? There is no better way than to cheat on your partner to leave them wanting more. 

  1. Ask them to formal on

The only way to be a true alpha is to ask them to the dance on a full moon when your inner wolverine comes out to play. 

  1. Play “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis in the car

There’s nothing the youth love more than animals so you should accompany your high-tension night drive with an animal costume on.

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