Sophomore’s father owns multiple Jack in the Box stores

February 9, 2018 — by Esha Lakhotia

Not caring much about wealth or bling, sophomore Shiv Gupta walked around school in regular attire, being harassed by another student for being wealthy yet dressing so casually. Gupta wasn't embarrassed to talk to them; he was just annoyed at the constant questions about his father's business fame at school.

s dad, Rajeev Gupta is an operator of more than 40e Jack in the Box locations in Oregon and southern Washington State through a company called NorthWest Group Inc.

In the early days of owning these franchises, Shiv’s dad used to travel constantly, sometimes four to six days a week, and come back only on weekends; however, wanting to spend more time with his family, he worked hard to lighten up his schedule and now he travels for only two to three days a week.

“My dad's occupation used to affect our daily lives as he would not be as accessible and always busy. Because of this, it was lonely when he first got the job,” Shiv said.

Through his father’s more forgiving schedule, Shiv has not only gotten to spend more time with his father, but he has also realized how valuable moments with his family really are.

“We are overall a very busy family and have little time during the week, making family time even more valuable,” Shiv said.

At school, Shiv receives different types of reactions to his dad’s occupation, ranging from jokes to try to understand it and others thinking it’s intriguing and unique.

Approaching Shiv about his dad’s job can be an awkward interaction, especially for those who don’t know him well or are not close friends with him. However, those close to him know that his dad’s success doesn’t make him the type to brag or flaunt to other students.

“Socially, we are considered unique,” Shiv said. “I mean, how many other kids have parents that own Jack in the Boxes?  Some people tell me about every interaction they have at Jack in the Box. It is a rare occupation, so people act differently.”


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