Not participating in school events is my biggest regret

May 7, 2018 — by Selena Liu

Reporter weighs grades against school activities

“Focus on your studies. Good grades will get you into a good college.”

That was the mantra I followed growing up, and it was a mantra my parents and my relatives fervently supported too.

I went into freshman year determined to follow my relatives’ advice and to study hard for the next four years.

Unfortunately, I soon realized that was a mistake. Opting out of school sports, school-organized events and multiple four-year programs like drama and marching band prevented me from enjoying high school as much as I otherwise would.

While good grades are important, there are so many other things a student can gain from high school that I didn’t actively seek in my freshman year.

One of the most important advantages is meeting new friends. Extracurricular school activities almost guarantee making new friends, which not only leads to better social connections but also better opportunities, such as recommendations for a new job or internships.

While my classmates were busy building their social networks, I was studying at home and missing out on all these opportunities. By far, this was my biggest mistake in freshman year.

In all honesty, while I branched out later than most of my peers, I’m glad I decided to participate in more school programs and events during my sophomore year.

Starting last August, I’ve tried to become more involved with the school. I’ve joined more clubs like FBLA and Interact, participated in winter percussion and attended both Homecoming and Winter Formal.

In junior year, I hope to be part of even more school events, like Bombay in the Bay, the Benefit Fashion Show and even the spring musical. Although I will be much busier with schoolwork, I think that participating in these fun events will also bring benefits.

So far this year, I’ve exposed myself to different kinds of activities and have met many amazing people in the process, like my peers in winter percussion and newspaper. I hope that in my last two years of high school I can participate more activities and continue immersing myself in the high school community.

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