More vending machines to be added to help with eating issues caused by stricter tutorial

September 19, 2019 — by Rohan Kumar and Andrew Lee

The administration has decided to set up new vending machines outside of the cafeteria, with an additional one already set up in the student center and another one planned for the area between the English wing and science buildings.

“We’re trying to make a straight line from the cafeteria through the center of the school,” assistant principal Matt Torrens said. “This is a central part of the campus, and we realize that kids are walking down different areas.”

Adding the new vending machines, an idea initiated by principal Greg Louie, will make food more accessible to students during the school day, since the cafeteria is no longer open during tutorial, a time when students previously bought snacks. It also makes it easier for students who have science classes before or after tutorial to get food and beverages such as pita chips, granola bars, and juice.

The vending machines will also add revenue to the school. Although the vending machines themselves do not cost money to install, the company that installs them takes a portion of the profits. 

With a single vending machine, the school takes a 5 percent share of the profits while the vending machine supplier takes the rest. With two vending machines, this percentage grows to 10 percent, and with three or four, it grows to 15 percent, Torrens said.

“That money goes right back to the ASB to benefit students by buying a ping pong table, keeping the dance prices low and other things like that,” Torrens said.

Ultimately, the changes were motivated by the success of the vending machine in the student center, which, according to Torrens, made five times as much revenue as the one located in the cafeteria.