Midterm elections bring new city council member

November 18, 2018 — by Allison Hartley

After voters submitted their ballots on Nov. 6, many stayed updated through the night about gubernatorial and Congress races, watching as state outlines were filled in with red or blue party colors. Closer to home, volunteers counted local city council election ballots.

Triumphing over candidates Corinne Vita and Anjali Kausar, incumbents Rishi Kumar and Mary Lynne Bernald and candidate Yan Zhao won the race for the three city council seats — one of which council member Emily Lo vacated after two terms serving as council member and mayor.

Zhao, a Hong Kong native, works in the high tech industry as an engineer, and serves as president of the Silicon Valley Science and Technology association. A mother of three children, she served on the Saratoga elementary PTA board for three years and currently volunteers on the community planning commission.

“I believe that as people get to know me, they will find that I am a good person with integrity and compassion,” Zhao said.

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