‘Hot girl summer’ bods: Senior boys attempt Victoria’s Secret model workout

September 16, 2019 — by Kevin Sze and Alex Wang

Summer 2019 has been all about the “Hot girl summer,” so we decided to join in.

When the lovely Lifestyle editors suggested working out like Victoria's Secret models, we jumped at the opportunity. After all, we had always wanted six-pack abs and Victoria’s Secret models were the embodiment of physical fitness. Even though hot girl summer just ended, it’s never too early to get a summer bod. Right?

A quick Google search led us to a Harper’s Bazaar article titled “How to Work Out like a Victoria’s Secret Model at the Gym.” The workout consists of nine exercises, mainly focusing on legs and glutes with a little bit of upper-body work. Unfortunately, there were no exercises that hit our abs or arms, so our dreams of attaining Zac Efron-like physiques were dashed.

Alex: The workout itself began relatively easily, but it ramped up with the sled pushes and battle ropes. It had been a while since I played football, so I was not in the best of shape. Apparently, playing pickup basketball once a week during the summer was not enough conditioning.

Kevin: The glute walks weren’t much of an issue for me. The weird black noodles that Alex claimed were “battle ropes” were definitely more of a challenge. I couldn’t get the coordination down, and I drew some funny glances from other gym members. 

The med ball throws weren’t too challenging for me or Alex. The box jumps, on the other hand, were quite embarrassing. My 24-inch vertical paled in comparison to the lady doing box jumps beside me. I said “Hi” and was going to ask her for her number, but she hit me with the “I have a boyfriend already.” 

Alex: To finish up the strenuous workout, we did more than enough landmine deadlifts and hopped on the air bike. It was tiring and we broke a good sweat. After the workout, my glutes were very sore for the next couple of days. I had never hit those muscles from so many angles before. I would imagine Kevin felt the same because golf is not the most physically active sport.

Kevin: Alex is incorrect. I’m a 6’7” 200-pound machine. Just kidding. My glutes got hit pretty hard. It’s OK, no pain no gain.

In the end, the workout was challenging but rewarding. We didn’t gain any weight because it was just one day, but if we stuck with it we’re sure we could have seen some results. If Victoria’s Secret is ever looking for male models, we would definitely be up for the job. We look great in mankinis. 



Glute Walks resistance band around ankles 30 to 50 steps

Sled Push 5×50 yards

Battle Ropes 15 seconds, 30 seconds rest

Med Ball throws 5×10

Box jumps 5×10


Landmine deadlift 3×8-12

Single arm lunge with rotation 3×10

Air resistance bike 10×15 seconds 30 seconds rest