English teacher has new Friend

May 26, 2009 — by Karen Lyu

English teacher Jason Friend and his wife, Lauren, welcomed a new member into their family on May 2. The baby boy, named Samuel Aaron weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce, is named after Friend’s grandfather.

Friend said he was “simply amazed and overwhelmed with love” when he saw his son for the first time.

“It’s an amazing experience,” said Friend of becoming a father. “It’s even more amazing than you think it would be, to realize that you’ve created this whole new life.”

Although Friend admits that a new baby takes a lot of time and care, he hopes that it will not affect his work too much.

“Since I sleep a lot less now, I might be even crazier than normal,” he said with a grin. “[I’ll be] a little more out of it.”

Since the birth, the new family has been doing well, according to Friend.
“We’re getting a little tired from the sleep deprivation, but we’re doing good,” he said. “This is [my wife’s] first child and she’s already a fabulous mother.”

The couple endearingly nicknamed the little boy “Piglet” because of the silly little grunting noises he makes,” said Friend.

On May 17, special education teacher Patrick Nedderson also welcomed a baby boy. The baby’s name is Evan Christian Nedderson and he weighed 8 pounds at birth.

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