Delayed by a pandemic, sophomores struggle with first quad day performance

October 3, 2021 — by Nikhil Mathihalli
The sophomores perform their partner/co-ed dance during their quad day.

Though the Class of 2024 has attended the school for little more than a year and wasn’t on campus last year due to the pandemic, their quad day performance continued a tradition-in-the-making: Sophomores (the Classes of 2021, 2022 and 2024) have finished last in the Homecoming competition for three years and running.

 Tasked with the TV show theme of “The Fairly Oddparents,” sophomore class officers and dance choreographers worked to produce a smooth performance despite effectively being at the same experience level as this year’s freshmen.

Sophomore choreographer Erika Anderson, who co-directed the all-girls and partner dances alongside sophomore Michelle Wan, recalled that unfamiliarity with Homecoming made “things more stressful, because they didn’t have any previous experience or know what to expect.” The sophomores also struggled with writing a script around “The Fairly Oddparents,” a show that few knew much about.

According to sophomore class president Taylor Chu, who worked with sophomore Annalyn Bui to choreograph both the all-boys dance and finale, participation in both dance practices and decorations was also subpar.

Still, while the sophomores finished in last place, their performance was much better than they expected. 

“I’m happy with our performance,” Chu said. “But I know we can do better in the future years.”