Club Day — now Club Fair — changed for the better

October 12, 2017 — by Ava Hooman

As I rushed out of my third-period class at the start of lunch, contrary to years past, I was pleased to see a clear view of the quad. Instead of being trampled by a horde of eager students, I could actually explore the many clubs the school has to offer at this year’s Club Fair.

This year, the school decided to spread the traditional one-lunch Club Day over three lunch periods from Oct. 3-5.

The 59 clubs that participated were divided into academic, community and arts and culture categories, each of which took over the quad for one lunch period. This organized system has vastly benefited both clubs and students. While students may miss the hustle and bustle of Club Day, Club Fair provides the time and space for students to truly get a better taste of each club.

In the past, there was always too much chaos for students to be able to really understand what the clubs had to offer. Stalls would become incredibly crowded and be at a standstill. The club booths were also so close together that, amidst the commotion, Club Day lost its purpose — to expose students to both new and old clubs.

In addition to decreasing the chaos in the quad, spreading the new organization of the event across three days has allowed for students in charge of more than one club the opportunity to participate at each one, instead of having to prioritize one club.

The new Club Fair was a success and should without a doubt continue in the years ahead. We should never again attempt to fit almost 60 clubs all in the same small area in one 35-minute lunch period.


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