Class of ‘15 alumna returns as intern to teach Biology

September 24, 2022 — by Derek Liang and Tara Natarajan
Photo by William Norwood
Biology teacher Anne Witkowski helps one of her students during tutorial.
New teacher Anne Witkowski returns to begin her teaching career.

Alumna Anne Witkowski joined the school as an intern biology teacher for freshmen while concurrently attending San Jose State University, where she is studying for her master’s degree and teaching credential.

Witkowski has a long history with the school, graduating in the class of ‘15 and teaching last year as a student teacher for AP Chemistry. 

Originally, Witkowski was going to continue student teaching this school year, but due to lack of biology teachers, she got the position to teach her own classes with mentoring from Biology and Earth Science teacher Lisa Cochrum.

“I majored in animal science, so I love animals and biology,” Witkowski said. 

After graduating from college in 2019, Witkowski planned on becoming a veterinarian; however, she decided against further education in the discipline and pivoted to teaching due to pandemic shutdowns. She said the school was the perfect place to start her teaching career due to familiarity with the campus and student population.

“All the kids are such good kids and they want to be here,” Witkowski said. “They want to learn and everyone’s really nice.” 

This year, Witkowski is most excited about teaching labs to her students, which she believes will give them more hands-on learning and experience. Witkowski is hoping to maintain an inclusive, safe and respectful environment for learning. In doing so, she is hoping to further develop her teaching skills while maintaining a positive learning attitude among her students. 

“Never stop learning,” Witkowski said. “Things are always changing and there is always something new to improve upon.”

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