Class of 2019 focuses on organization in preparation for quad day

September 1, 2017 — by Amy Tang

Before starting the school day Aug. 22, junior class president Ashley Feng quickly typed up a tentative schedule for Homecoming quad day dance and skit practice times and posted an accompanying spreadsheet in the Class of 2019’s Facebook group.

The Class of 2019’s primary goals, according to Feng, center around organization and participation. Class officers started coordinating with choreographers this past summer and set deadlines for the choreography and script to be finished at the beginning of the school year.

But with junior year’s notorious stress, encouraging students to participate has been difficult. In addition, many skit participants and choreographers are taking multiple AP and Honors classes, which has made it difficult to arrange practice times that most participating juniors can attend. This has resulted in a relatively low level of participation, though the number of people signed up for the dances, approximately 100 people, is roughly the same as last year.

Nonetheless, members of the Class of 2019 remain hopeful, as the theme “Back to the Future” has “given the class a lot of creative freedom when it comes to the skit and decorations,” according to class representative Usman Khan.

With this creative freedom, the class will have to work extremely hard to live up to the expectations being set for them. In addition to the skit, the class has been focused on putting up the decorations without any complications. By securing preparations for decorations early, Feng hopes that the process will be less stressful this year.

By keeping the members of the class updated with progress of the Homecoming preparations, Feng hopes to increase participation and build up excitement for homecoming.

“In the past, our class hasn’t been as hyped for Homecoming as other classes, and this year’s class office is really looking to change that. We hope that by the time homecoming rolls around, we’ll have a majority of our class participating in at least one area of our homecoming experience,” Feng said.


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