Alumnus cartoons for college publication

April 21, 2009 — by Alicia Lee and Maggie Lin

While some students of the Falcon newspaper staffs continue to pursue their interests in journalism by writing for their college publication, class of 2008 alumnus Daniel Yang has extended his journey in another, more creative direction

As a cartoonist for Georgetown University’s The Hoya, Yang has free reign as to what to do with his cartoon, Disconcerted Demagogue.

“No one tells me what to draw—I get to choose,” said Yang. “Only one thing matters: make the readers laugh.”

However, transitioning from head art editor of the Saratoga Falcon to a cartoonist for Georgetown University’s The Hoya was somewhat of jump for Yang. Not only is the content different, but also the style.

“Back at the Falcon, the emphasis was more on detail,” said Yang. “Instead of the serious drawings I did for the Falcon in the past, now I go for a much more simplistic style. Too much detail detracts from the point I’m trying to convey.”

Although Yang enjoys the freedom of cartooning at the moment, he knows that the chances of becoming a full-time cartoonist in the future are slim. At the very least, he would like to make cartooning a hobby or secondary job if possible for now. His cartoons can be seen at

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