ALL School Bar-B-Que kicks off school year

September 11, 2016 — by Adina Bidel

On August 26, Saratoga High School hosted thier annual All School Bar-B-Que. 

A delicious barbecue was provided to the entire school body, celebrating the beginning of this school year on Friday, Aug. 26. The spread consisted of hundreds of hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, watermelon, chips, cookies and was cooked fresh by parent volunteers earlier that morning.

The lunch connected all members of the school together: incoming and returning, young and old, students and teachers. Principal Paul Robinson said eating a meal together is the best way to bring a “feeling of family” into the school.

“Any time you can gather the whole school together and do something positive, eat, that’s incredible! It’s one of the best traditions we have,” said Robinson.

Bright and early before school, parent volunteers met in the quad and started cooking, leaving a savory scent in their wake that drifted throughout the school during classes. They served over 1,000 students within the first 10 minutes of lunch.

Robinson said, “Our parents do more than 10 times the parents of other schools. They give most of their time and hearts.”

Students flooded toward the goods before the bell had even rung, enthusiastic for free food.

“I like food, so it was really nice […] I don’t usually wander off by the Quad, so I got to stop and say hi to people I don’t normally talk to,” said sophomore Cathleen Hsieh. “We literally bonded over food. I hope the school does something like this again!”

Robinson declared the event a success and overall just fun and relaxing — a much needed break for students, because they are very often in need of a break.

“Each year, you think it’s not going to happen as well as the previous year, and it does. Somehow everyone works hard and makes it a day to remember,” said Robinson.