All-male dance team kicks off inaugural season

December 6, 2017 — by Amy Tang

Fourteen boys will anchor the school’s first all-male dance team following tryouts that attracted 30 hopefuls in late October.

Currently, the team consists of senior officers Nicholas Di and Nathan Kang, as well as seniors Varun Viswanath, Atlas Yuen, Ayush Aggarwal, Clifford Yin, Shaunak Vaidya, Christopher Lee, Prashant Malyala, Aayush Gupta, and Shivaum Kumar; junior Jason Ting, and sophomores Ashwin Maheshwar and Alvin Liu.

Being part of the team comes with some perks, such as P.E. credits and a trip to Anaheim for Nationals in March along with the girls’ team. Viswanath, who was taking P.E. before making it on the team, is ecstatic that he now has a free third period and is able to fulfill PE credits through dance.

“It’s great having free time instead of having to suffer through PE, and I like being able to do something that I enjoy for PE credit,”  Viswanath said. “Plus, I have lots of friends on the team, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun year.”

Captains Di and Kang are excited for the season to begin. The first practice was held on Nov. 14, and the team began by learning a short combo taught by coach Kaitlyn Landeza, who also coaches the girls team. At the end of practice, Landeza informed the team of her expectations for them, which included being on time and putting in extra work at home. She also briefly outlined the team’s schedule for the year.

The team hopes to perform at the upcoming rally on Dec. 1.



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