100-word rave: Final exams for AP classes are rightfully before APs

May 6, 2023 — by Sanjoli Gupta
Graphic by Leyna Chan
Having early finals provides an incentive for students to study and helps relieve stress during end-of-semester finals week. 

Imagine this awful alternative universe: It’s the beginning of June. You’re stressed and, despite taking the AP exam three weeks ago, you have to keep studying for the final exam in, say, AP Environmental Science. You’re burned out and exhausted. You should have crossed the finish line weeks ago, but here you are, still studying. Does this sound like hell to you, or is it just me? This tragedy would be our reality if AP teachers gave their finals in June.

Having finals right before the AP exam gives an incentive to study, which helps you on the final and is also valuable for the AP exam as well. Once both exams are over, you’re free to take a much needed break after a hectic semester.

This schedule frees up the second half of May, giving time to study for non-AP finals and reducing stress later in the year for upperclassmen. Most AP teachers use the time for fun projects that further solidify the learning we do during the year. For example, in AP Environmental Science students work together to create solar ovens and toast marshmallows, allowing friends to connect through experiential learning projects. 

It doesn’t make sense to give another final after APs — after all, the AP exam marks the culmination of the course and provides a clean finish after two semesters of hard work. More than that, you have time to relax with peers after trauma-bonding through your mutual AP experience.  Having spent months obsessing over the exam, it only makes sense for the last few weeks to be a welcome relief and opportunity to make new connections with the knowledge they’ve worked so hard to attain.

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