100-word rant: Restrooms should provide paper towels, not just dryers 

May 17, 2023 — by Parav Manney
Graphic by Leyna Chan
The dryers are not only slow, but spread germs.
Grossly inefficient and not shockingly unsanitary, the SHS dryer tells all.

After I finish washing my hands in one of the restrooms at school, I just want a simple and quick way to dry them off. What I get instead is a motion-activated dryer that takes its precious time to charge up, only to then exert a narrow blast of hot air that unevenly (and slowly) dries my hands.

I have to use the dryer multiple times, angling them to different positions for complete (or close to complete) dryness. Because this entire ordeal takes around a half a minute or so, it’s totally not worth the time. Instead, I usually just shake my hands off and leave. 

All this would be fine if there were paper towels I could use to dry my hands instead of having to use the dryer, but they simply aren’t there. 

In addition to their inefficiency, dryers are unsanitary due to how many germs they spread. Essentially, the bathroom air is filled with clouds of nasty bacteria (from the toilets, of course) and when you use dryers, they’re just spreading all those microbes onto your hands, completely defeating the purpose of washing your hands in the first place.

Although restocking paper towels daily might be tedious, it would be an improvement compared to the current dryer system.

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