100-word rant: Fellow Falcons, please start acting your age

September 18, 2023 — by Sarah Zhou
Graphic by Leyna Chan
This is what most classes look like.
Normally I couldn’t care less about other people’s stupid actions, so the fact that I’m writing this story should tell you something is really wrong.

In the past two weeks of school, I’ve rolled my eyes and dropped my jaw so frequently I’ve lost count. 

From students standing up to burp during class to stealing from others’ cards at the vending machine to making derogatory comments about people’s bodies, mental abilities and expected college application results to obnoxiously howling while fidgeting with literally whatever is in sight (despite teachers’ multiple requests for them to stop), anything you would normally expect from a group of 7-year-olds has happened here. To the people I just described above … STOP. Your actions are neither smart nor funny, and the second-hand embarrassment is very real.

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