100-word rant: Classroom temperatures do not represent me or the majority of other students

September 7, 2023 — by Jex Sammael Popov
A student bears the brunt of an A.C. system set far too close to their face.
Extreme temperatures impede my ability to learn: Teachers, let us choose!

It’s unfortunately common to step out from a classroom with a cool, refreshing breeze right into the humid, fiery hell pit of your next period classroom. 

To combat disagreements between students who like the feeling of their face melting off and those who like to be smacked in the face full-force by tundra winds, the only viable solution is to democratically select classroom temperatures. Teachers have many options to facilitate the temperature-deciding vote — one option being a Canvas quiz that gets reconsidered every time the weather changes significantly.

At least when the choice to blast freezing air from the A.C. unit five centimeters away from my face is democratic, I have the comfort of knowing that my misery is peer-inflicted and not just a random act of malice by the seating chart.

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