Leadership students learn sensitivity through workshop

September 5, 2017 — by Lina Kim

Members of the Leadership class delved into questions of race — both inside and outside of Saratoga — during a training in the library on Aug. 22.

In response to the two racist prom-asking incidents at Los Gatos High School last spring, district administrators had decided to have student leaders from each school undergo the training.

Students were led by Epic, a company that specializes in equity training.

In addition to learning about issues affecting minorities, the students, a majority of whom are people of color themselves, were prompted to examine how unique the racial demographic of Saratoga is.

“Since we live in the Saratoga area, where people with my ethnicity, Asians are the majority, you get a different experience,” sophomore Usman Khan said. “But once you leave this town you'll find that you're the minority and everyone's attitude toward you could change a lot.”

Many students said they left with a better understanding of what they might face when they leave Saratoga, and how many of them might have to prepare for a different experience in less diverse areas.

“I do have a better understanding of other minorities’ lives now. I can be more empathetic towards them and see their perspective on life and what situation they're coming from,” said senior Nathon Chin, the ASB president. “It gives me a greater appreciation for different people and it makes me a more knowledgeable person.”


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