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New Cyber Security bill hints at socialism

Big Brother, a fictitious character created by George Orwell in his book “1984” as a representation of a totalitarian system seems to be making a return appearance in our own government.

The Cyber Security Act of 2009, consisting of new Senate bills 773 and 778 proposed by Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia will establish cybersecurity and help prevent attacks by providing President Barack Obama with the power to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry, or even shut down the Internet in the case of a “cyber emergency.” Apprehensively, the working copy of the bill fails to provide an accurate definition of what makes an emergency, leaving it up to the discretion of the president. Though this proposal, reminiscent of the Patriot Act, may appear to hold public interest in mind, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There are many positives and negatives to these bills One positive is that it will help alleviate many of the attacks against secure information and provide Internet safety, strengthening the nation’s infrastructure. Conversely, however, who is to say that this “ultimate cyber power” will not be abused? With the government yet again breaching privacy and once again sticking their noses into the lives of millions of innocent civilians, the bill is nothing more than the United States taking another baby step toward an increase in governmental control.

Privacy is not a privilege. It is something that should be unconditionally granted to all citizens. If these new bills are passed, who knows what will come next–a limit of what is aired on television or the radio or prohibition from leaving the country?

Obama’s recent decisions have been conspicuous bricks on a road to socialism. As coined in a headline in the National Post, “In 100 days in office, Obama neglects 100 years of history.” Measures such as nationalizing banks and setting salary caps have already been taken.

For the last century, United States has channeled billions of dollars into programs meant to prevent socialist practices on its soil and simultaneously either contain or prevent them in other nations. It seems inconsistent to all of a sudden start to retrace these steps.

Under a mask of this new plethora of potential “emergencies,” the government is encouraging new programs that will change the nation’s basis make-up dramatically with little discussion.

The Cyber Security Act would provide the government with the power to view private information such as health or bank records devoid of cause or warrant, violating Amendment IV, which stands against unreasonable search and seizure.

Whether this is the intention or not, at least some of this recent “change” is leading the country in harmful directions. The government should think twice before implementing such harsh, intrusive and arguably unconstitutional restraints.

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