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Hate on ASB unjustified, cruel

Recently, a spate of offensive comments and derogatory insults have been aimed at the members of the ASB on YikYak, a new app that allows people in the same area to post anonymously. Although intended for college students, YikYak has gained popularity lately among high school students, sometimes in ways that are leading to regrettable results.

Some of the comments range from tolerably reasonable, “They’ve constantly failed to do the simplest and sole job they have — communicate,” to downright uncalled for, “When you realize ASB has turned into the Nazi Regime.”

A Nazi Regime? Besides that phrase being offensive, its usage shows remarkable stupidity.

Sure, there may be problems with our ASB. Perhaps there really was a miscommunication, or maybe they are trying to have too much influence on commissions. Perhaps they really did spend too much money on the carnival during Speak Up for Change Week, but students really need to let that go and keep the dialogue civil. The carnival, at least, was able to bring the school together in a way that spending two hours in class would not have accomplished.

Furthermore, it’s inevitable that there may be conflicts between ASB and commissions. However, trashing ASB on social media is not the right solution. If commissioners are angry about ASB, they should be mature enough to communicate these concerns to the ASB officers themselves, not resort to anonymous personal attacks made on their smartphone.

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