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Magic lies in the powers of the pencil

Buying a fresh, new pack of pencils from OfficeMax can be described as one of the most magical moments life offers. Every time I complete my homework, I take a second to notice the amazing powers of the often under-appreciated pencil.

The most magnificent power the pencil beholds is its ability to erase anything that has been previously written. If a mistake has been made, no problem! With a simple flip of the pencil, the eraser on the other side will take care of the issue in no time.

Unlike a pencil, where mistakes can be covered up to make a perfect assignment, the pen is a dangerous object that shows others how many mistakes have been made. Since pens do not have the ability to erase, the owner has to either scribble over it or white it out, showcasing the embarrassing errors to teachers.

On top of this, wooden pencils are more friendly for the environment than pens. The all-natural pencil can be recycled and does not contain any dangerous toxic materials. The plastic casing on pens and the poisonous liquids hurt the environment since they are not biodegradable.

It is commonly known that when students are in a classroom, they tend to doodle on the side of their papers. Since the darkness of the pencil can be controlled with varying amounts of pressure, the owner can create different shades to make more realistic drawings on the margins of their essays.

The pencil also stands to be the stepping stone for children in elementary school when they first learn how to write. When kids sit in their seats eager to learn, teachers or parents hand them the breath-taking pencil to teach them how to spell their names. Although teachers should get much of the credit for teaching children to be literate, students should realize that their pencil is the one that helped them grow and learn.

Unfortunately, many people undermine the reputation of the pencil by saying that a pen is the better option since it doesn’t break every two minutes. But on the contrary, pens tend to lose ink very quickly and there have been countless occasions where all my pens have run out of ink, and I was left with no writing utensil in my moment of need.

A possible solution to the conundrum of lead breakage is to buy pencils that need 0.9 lead. This type of lead is so thick that is is nearly impossible to break unless someone decides to bang it on the desk. It kills two birds with one stone because not only does the led not break, but it also writes as dark as a pen would, making it easier for others to read. With a pack of 0.9 lead in hand, the pencil is sure to be a cheaper and more effective option than a pen.

Because of its multi-functional properties, the pencil continues to be proven as the better option in comparison to the demonic, unforgiving pen. So the next time you find yourself in front of the mailbox scrambling to search for your Hogwarts letter and finding nothing once again, just buy a pack of pencils to make your day better. 

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