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Aqui Cal-Mex: a delicious stop

After reading a number of good reviews on Yelp and hearing the roaring noise that was apparently escaping my starved stomach, I was expecting no less than an excellent cuisine when I went to Aqui Cal-Mex recently.

I was not disappointed.

Located just 15 minutes from SHS on S. De Anza Blvd, Aqui Cal-Mex provides delicious and healthy Mexican food.

When I entered the restaurant, I sensed a comforting atmosphere. Surrounding me was the soft chatter of the customers as well as the tune of refreshing acoustic music

As I entered the register line, I was almost instantly greeted with a menu that contained a variety of tacos, salads, enchiladas, dips and burritos.

Being a vegetarian, I was not expecting to have abundant choices, but the menu dedicated an entire section to vegetarian options. Out of the seven main vegetarian dishes, I chose to order the Californian Enchiladas, costing a slightly expensive $9.79.

I assumed that I would be waiting in line for at least 10 minutes because 15 customers stood ahead of me in line, but uckily it took less than five minutes to reach the cashier.

The cashier handed me a buzzer that lit up when my order was ready, an effective method allowing customers to find a seat while their meal is being prepared.

As I roamed around Aqui while the chefs cooked my enchiladas, I realized there were several monitors showing a football game between the Green Bay Packers and Miami Dolphins. No matter where I sat, I would luckily have access to entertainment.  

Eventually, I chose a seat at a high table. Looking around, I noticed the tan walls were decorated with paintings authentic to Mexican heritage, with an art style that resembled the infamous Frida Kahlo self portrait.

After a decent 15 minute waiting time, my buzzer began to vibrate. As I walked to the cashier area, my mouth  began to water the moment I saw the enchiladas. Topped by a perfect, golf-ball sized scoop of creamy guacamole and sprinkled with feta cheese, the enchiladas sat on top of cooked green beans and steaming tomato basil sauce.

Scooping a mixture of guacamole and feta cheese into my mouth, I became overwhelmed by the heavenly sensation of the cool, creamy, slightly salted guacamole in combination with the perfectly sour feta cheese.

I almost instantly devoured the guacamole, leaving me with the three feta-covered 8-inch enchiladas.

After slicing the first enchilada into edible portions, I stuffed myself with the chewy corn tortilla outside and lightly flavored beans inside.

Once I had finally consumed the entire meal on the plate, it was time for dessert. I expected Aquis to serve fried ice cream, just like most other Mexican restaurants.

Unfortunately, they only listed two dessert options on the menu: the usual chocolate cake, and a more unique, but not appealing, pumpkin cheesecake.

Satisfied with the delicious cuisine and warm atmosphere but disappointmented with the lack of dessert choices, higher cost and lengthy driving time, I left the restaurant, looking forward to my next visit.

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