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Dear Sara… #1

Editor’s Note: These questions were gathered from an anonymous account ( and were then answered to the best of “Sara Toga’s” ability.


Dear Sara, what are your genuine thoughts on gay marriage, and the issue of gay members on a sports team in the locker room?

To me, marriage signifies the union of two people who are in love.  And if two people are in love, they should be able to get married. Whether both of them happen to be of the same gender or not isn’t really a part of the definition of marriage.

As for gay people in the locker room, I feel that it shouldn’t be a problem. The locker room is used for one main purpose: changing. I believe the problem is that people think that gay people have more of an incentive to “check someone out,” but contrary to the stereotype, gay people aren’t searching 24/7 for their next “target.” What it all comes down to is values and maturity — gay or straight.




Dear Sara, will I get into a good college with a 3.3 GPA?

Tell me when you find out.

Jokes aside, the UCs, for example, require higher than a 3.0, so you’re definitely within the bounds. But you ask about getting into a “good” college, and this is where an answer is difficult to give. A college that might be good for you might be a terrible fit for someone else. Do some research about the colleges you think you have some interest in, and try to make sure you fit the requirements of those schools. Just remember that grades are only a part of the glorious journey towards college.

Good luck!



Dear Sara, how do I choose between two friends who had an argument and don’t talk anymore? I dont know who to talk to or sit with anymore, and it kinda sucks.

Why must you choose between them? Talk to them both, even if they don’t talk to each other. It’s not fair to you to let their argument affect your friendships. Maybe you can devise a system where you sit with one friend during lunch on some days of the week, and the other friend on other days. And if they can’t accept that you aren’t willing to choose between them, then ask yourself two questions: Have they stopped valuing your friendship? Are you, in reality, too fabulous for them? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then it’s time to move on.

Have fun,



Dear Sara, how can I get through junior year without failing?

You can’t. At some point, everyone will fail something; it’s only natural. The way to get around it is to fail early, so that you’ll learn how to get up from failure — that’s the important part. Other than that, enjoy the rollercoaster death trap that is junior year.

Good luck,


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