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Captain America battles a bush

It was a dark, clear night, the streets flooded with children chattering excitedly and clutching empty bags that were waiting to be filled with candy. And that Halloween, during the fall of 2012, current sophomore Julia Vita was dressed as Captain America as she and eight friends strolled down Aloha Avenue in Saratoga, ready to stock up on sugar and sweets.

The girls were expecting the usual: haunted houses, morbid costumes, tombstones, the works. But that year, Vita and her friends weren’t greeted by these normal frights.

Instead, her memory was scarred by boys covered in poky, large, green pieces of foliage.

In other words, boys dressed as bushes.

It was getting pretty late into the night and Vita could barely see three feet ahead of her.

Unexpectedly, three boys in a leafy costume jumped out and sprayed silly string all over Vita and her friends.

“My friends and I screamed, while the guys were laughing,” Vita said.

Vita, blinded by a sugar and adrenaline rush, could not control her next set of movements aimed at the boys, who were challenging her heroic costume.

“I chased the boys down the street, while using my strength to attack them with my candy-filled pillow case,” Vita said.

The candy within the bag shattered and crumbled with every thwack. As soon as one boy turned around to face Vita, she smacked him so hard that blood began to drip from his nose.

“I stopped after 5 minutes when I got tired of running,” Vita said.” On top of that, I even think a parent was staring at me.”

The boys scampered off and Vita returned to her friends as the true Captain America of Halloween, who sacrificed the life of her own candy in order to punish the boys.

But after looking back at her Halloween memory, Vita recalled her actions with a hint of regret.

“I feel bad now because I actually hurt him and it was during Halloween,” Vita said. “But it still was really funny at the same time.”

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