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Top ten great things about Obama as our president

10. He has catchy phrases and all the young people love him.
There isn’t much difference between him and Miley Cyrus.

9. He’s so tall and skinny.
If he weren’t, he wouldn’t be able to walk on water.

8. For the next four years it will be pronounced “nuclear.”

7. Obama even smokes occasionally.
Especially on Election Day, when he smoked McCain.

6. He is going to end the war in Iraq.
Right after he invades Afghanistan.

5. He’s so young.
In McCain’s defense, he’s 335 in dog years.

4. He will be our first black president.
Since the first season of “24.”

3. There isn’t much to joke about with Obama.
Which is why we have Biden.

2. President Bush briefed Obama about the state of our nation.
The slogan changed to “maybe we can.”

1. He even got together with his rival John McCain.
Both said it was a relief to put their differences aside, sit down and really make fun of Sarah Palin.

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