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Leno quits ‘Tonight Show’ after two decades, leaving the stage to Fallon

Jay Leno’s longtime career has had its ups and downs. As his age continues to climb, his retirement as a host on late night television has been pending these last few years. Leno’s experience has grown a lot after his 21 years as host of “The Tonight Show.” Since he is 63, it was a good time for him to give up his spot.

After his last show on Feb. 6, the general public wondered whether 39-year-old “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon would be a good fit to take the coveted place as the host of “The Tonight Show.” Luckily, his performance on his first Tonight Show proved that he could make it work.

On the premiere of the “Tonight Show” on Feb. 17, Fallon made a happy and cheerful debut, talking about how lucky he was to have the opportunity to host a show with such legacy. He seemed truly happy to hold the job and excited that he was chosen for the position.

He mentioned that it was the first time in 40 years that the show was hosted in New York, and he showcased the set, which has a vintage design. The fact that the show was brought back to New York was an homage to the classic “Tonight Show” and seemed to boost the audience’s cheer.

Fallon, throughout his initial monologue, received many cheers and a sufficient amount of laughter, which he deserved for putting on a quality intro. He had already demonstrated his ability to keep his cool and woo the audience into laughter.

A few segments later, a clip was featured in which Fallon and Will Smith collaborated in the Evolution of Hip-Hop dancing, much to the audience’s liking. By this point, Fallon had done a good job introducing his show to the public. He had smoothly displayed that he was a good fit as host and that the decision to choose him was the right one.

Fallon also did a good job transitioning to his interview with Smith, his first guest on the show. He made his banter with Smith pleasant and enjoyable, two traits a host should have with a guest. The crowd seemed to enjoy the interview, and it was fun to hear.

For the remainder of the show, Fallon wrapped up his talk with Smith and had a quick discussion with U2 before they sent the first successful “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” off with an acoustic rendition of their song “Ordinary Love.”

Jimmy Fallon is a great host for “The Tonight Show.” He seemed confident as a host and had no faltering moments. Fallon’s version of “The Tonight Show” is essentially the same as his “Late Night” show, and his humor targets a younger audience, a good technique for increasing viewership.

In addition to his style, the classic set and New York atmosphere were a big hit for the long-time fans of the show. With a few more weeks of experience, Fallon is sure to be a host capable of leaving excellent legacy to “The Tonight Show” as a whole.

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