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The thought behind every gift

We’ve all dutifully written page-long lists to Santa in hopes of seeing gifts overflow from under the Christmas tree. We’ve waited patiently in hopes that he comes down from under our chimney, fills our stockings up to the brim and leaves presents behind. These wrapped gifts from the North Pole are the main cause for hope and anticipation starting from fall when people fantasize about what new materialistic items they would like to receive for Christmas. 

But we’ve all encountered that one horrible Christmas gift: that oversized Christmas wool sweater, those unlucky mugs that originated from faraway tourist places and some fruit cake filled to the brim with the worst elements of trail mix. 

I remember one Christmas years ago when some distant relative shipped a package over yonder to my house, which came as a surprise for me because I had not spoken to her for years. 

I joyfully looked forward to the thought of a new gift just sitting there patiently waiting for me to open it and see what could be unfolded inside. But I made sure that I used all of my willpower to wait until Christmas day to finally open my mysterious present. I tore open the wrapping paper, only to stare disappointed at what lay inside. 

It was an oversized pink toy hippo, some sort of stuffed animal that I thought my younger cousin would not even like. It had an evil smile and a contorted face that looked like it could stare into my soul. 

Instead of moping and being angry about my present, I decided to be optimistic and look at the brighter side of this situation. I wasn’t mad about this gift my relative had decided to give me, but instead I was grateful at the fact that they had even thought of me. The holiday season should not be focused on and centered around materialistic gifts. 

Even so, I think this hippo is somewhere to be found in the depths of my room. I wouldn’t know where since my pile of clothes always prevents me from ever seeking the chance to find this gift of mine. 

All around us, our world is filled with constant lists of what we should buy our fellow friends, family members or anyone basically. Starting from Black Friday, the buzz for buying and spending is high and fills the air. 

We may be more fortunate than most people in our area, but a simple gift with much thought and meaning put behind it has a much bigger importance than someone who can just spend his money. I know this small life epiphany changed my version of Christmas.  

The holiday season may be over, but any gift-giving can still live on and bring a smile to one’s face. All a gift needs behind it is some thought and love. 


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