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Jimmy vs. Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon:

Humor: Fallon’s humor is witty and sarcastic, often poking fun at other high profile celebrities, as well as utilizing slapstick and musical comedy. He is notorious for his inability to keep a straight face, and this quirk adds to his charm.

Skits: Fallon’s skits are always creative and unique. From his History of Rap performances with Justin Timberlake to Joking Bad, Fallon hilariously covers a wide array of topics.

Guests: Fallon typically persuades his guests to participate in games, something other hosts such as Kimmel and Conan don’t do.

Sidekicks: Steve Higgins is Fallon’s right hand man and brings a different tone to the show. Higgins is outrageous, animated and unpredictable, while Fallon is more steadied and anchored in his routine.

Band: The Roots, enough said. The greatest hip-hop band is one clear draw to Fallon’s show. Cutting in on perfect moments and delivering perfect song renditions, Fallon has the best show band in late night television.

Public Involvement: Fallon rarely has the public involved in his show, but sometimes there are studio audience members involved in games. Fallon does connect well with his audience, however, and their reactions add to the show.

Games: Fallon has the most diverse set of games on late night with games like Charades, Pictionary, Catchphrase, Lip-Sync Battle, Box of Lies, Dartboard of Insanity and Egg Russian Roulette. These are a guaranteed riot, as there is nothing funnier than Fallon and his guests making a fool of themselves.

Jimmy Kimmel:

Humor: The late night show host is known for his dry, sarcastic humor. His humor consists of poking fun and basing his jokes on celebrities and current events, in addition to self-deprecating humor.

Skits: Kimmel’s skits consist of his recurring feud with actor Matt Damon, the “Guillermo in Movies” segment, the Lie Detective and the “Nice-off” featuring talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Though frequent, the show’s skits always have fresh content.

Guests: Kimmel does the generic interview with guests. Kimmel is known for his recurring staged “rivalry” with actor Matt Damon.  Recently, he feuded with Kanye West, in which Kimmel made some jokes regarding the rapper’s ego, and

West demanded an apology.

Sidekick: America has fallen in love with Guillermo, the lovable security guard, for his strong accent and love for tequila. His short, chubby stature and sassy persona accompanies Kimmel on his various skits and outings.

Band: Cleto and the Cletones

Public Involvement: Lots. His “Hey Jimmy Kimmel” YouTube challenges, where any viewer can do the challenges, have gone rival and racked up millions of views. The segments “Lie Witness News” and “Confusing Question of the Day” involve walking the streets of Hollywood and asking randomly selected pedestrians about made-up news and questions that do not make sense.

Games: No games.

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