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Best place to eat: Rose Donuts. Next to Radio Shack, this small donut shop is a lot more than it seems. Just like the phrase “never judge a book by its cover,” the pint-sized store isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

Decorated with just a few chairs outside the storefront, the exterior looks disappointing, but when one walks in, the smell of donuts engulfs the senses. Accompanying the selection of donuts is the delicious menu of burgers and sandwiches, a strange yet delectable combination to go with the restaurant's  award-winning donuts.

Best Place for a midnight adventure: Vista Point. Drive all the way up Big Basin Way to the top. At the top, there is a parking lot overlooking the whole Bay Area. The view is amazing; nothing beats the breathtaking view of a starry night covering the lighted city of San Jose. The view is unrivaled anywhere near Saratoga. Bring a couple of friends and party it up; just be careful to not cross the fence up there, or else it’s trespassing.

Best Game to Play: Fugitive. In a small town a few miles away from San Jose, the infamous game of Fugitive was created. Surprisingly, that small quiet town is Saratoga. The town and the game seem almost polar opposites; it's hard to believe that a quiet suburban town created this adrenaline-pumping get-away game of cops and robbers. With a group of friends, divide yourself into two teams. One team needs to run like a fugitive to a certain safe place in Saratoga while the other team hunts them down in cars. There is nothing better to do on a lazy Friday Night than play a legendary game created in a legendary city.

“Nothing beats Fugitive. It’s an adrenaline pumping game that is really fun,” sophomore Kyle McCroskey said.

Best Place to Shop: Westgate Mall. With a Pacsun and Barnes and Nobles, the mall satisfies all needs of different shoppers. The mall boasts a mix of larger name stores like Target and Ross. The mall also has different cuisines including Japanese, American and Chinese food.

Best Place to hang out: Downtown Saratoga. Nothing beats walking up and down the streets with your friends. The streets are lined with plenty of different stores from delicious restaurants to small stores selling knick knacks. Starbucks, a popular coffee shop, sits at the base of the downtown. The streets are always bustling and always fun.

Best place to study: Saratoga Library. What is a healthier study environment than one with free wifi and a slew of resources? Not only that, but anyone making too much noise will be asked to leave, maximizing your ability to study by removing distractions.

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