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New Facebook organizes clutter

“Join to find out how to get the old Facebook back,” advertises just one of the numerous anti-new-Facebook groups popping up. With the new Facebook now permanent and mandatory to use, countless people have been vocal about how much they absolutely hate it. But, what’s really wrong with this new layout?

The new design eliminates all the clutter that began to viciously plague people’s pages prior to the change. Useless applications were piled on top of more useless applicatons. Now, all the optional add-ons are placed in one place, where people who don’t want to see them don’t have to. The new layout also categorizes updates so that the user does not have to scan through an entire page of Sally’s pictures or Bob’s status changes in order to see the activity that directly affects himself or herself. The wall, information, and photos are also prominently displayed. Seeing as these are the only three applications that are constantly and universally used, easy to find is exactly how they should be.

The new layout also provides applications not previously available in the old one. The official Facebook blog allows its employees to give users information, ranging from how to use the new format to encouraging users to vote in the Nov. presidential election.

Another important feature recently added was the “Translations” application. With languages such as Dutch, Italian or even English (pirate), the translations application makes Facebook easier to use for non-English speakers. It also gives a laugh to those who prefer to “scour fer mateys” rather than to just “search for friends.”

Facebook employee and 2000 Saratoga alumnus Andrew Bosworth reported that the user response is actually more positive than many realize. Just because the people who enjoy the new design are not forming countless groups and are not as vocal as the ones who prefer the old design, does not mean that they do not exist.

“Most of the people who experienced the new design chose never to switch back to the old design even when they had the chance, so I think that’s pretty compelling evidence,” said Bosworth. So for all of you claiming to “hate” the new Facebook just because everyone else does, know that it’s ok to like the new design. You’re not alone.

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