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Drama builds friendship through productions

When he was just a freshman in his drama class, junior Arjun Desai didn’t know many of his classmates. But after having worked on his first drama performance, “Grease,” with many of his other drama-loving classmates, he has befriended many actors and actresses. Desai recalled one of the moments of building new friendships through participating in drama productions.

“There was a scene [in “Grease”] where the boys had to drive in cars on stage, and get slapped by the girls,” laughed Desai. “It took a lot of practice, and along the way, I got to know many of the guys, as well as girls, on the cast.”

With their love and devotion to the drama department, age, grade and ethnicity barriers are broken. Desai has participated in the drama department since the beginning of his freshman year. He said the drama department is a great atmosphere in which to make friends.

“It’s my favorite class. I enjoy being there because my friends are in the class with me, and I have a chance to meet new people,” said Desai. He noted that by “being in drama, you can be much more social and active than before.”

By being part of drama, each production the department produces makes the friendships between the participants much stronger.

Junior Shannon Roseberry agrees. Having been a part of the department and its musicals and plays for three years, Roseberry said she has learned that the drama department creates a sense of unity and friendship to every actor and actress, whether it’s by helping a fellow student with lines or making sets together for an upcoming production.

“Ever since freshman year, drama has helped me because we’re all a sort of family,” said Roseberry. “We’re all together in the same place for long periods of time, so we get to know each other so well.”
Both Desai and Roseberry have had inspiring peers to look up to during their years in drama.

“There are so many great talents at our school,” said Roseberry. “Hannah Harter and Jae Lee have been major inspirations for me in my drama career.”

Desai agrees with Roseberry, noting that Lee had also helped him develop a liking for drama and all of the aspirations it helped him to develop.

“He is very inspiring and he always gives you the motivation to act well in drama,” said Desai.

After having been a part of the drama department for a solid three years, Roseberry and Desai have concluded that their experiences in drama have been helpful in both improving their acting skills and their chances of befriending new people who share the same love for acting. Desai said his experience in drama has been positive and constant source of inspiration.

“[Drama] has helped me become very social. It definitely helps me to get tips and details about how to act, as well as teaching me how it can bring people together,” he said.

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