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Macesic rolls out copies and fondant

Macesic Nada S

In the morning, Nada Macesic arranges and sorts English novels and science textbooks at the textbook room. In the afternoon, she generates countless papers and packets at the copy room. And in the evening, she constructs cake masterpieces with fondant and frosting at home.
Look at your textbooks and your binders full of handouts, and chances are Macesic is the one who copied your papers or checked out your textbook for you.

Most students probably don’t know the story of the person responsible for creating and processing much of their school materials. Having spent her entire life in Europe, Macesic immigrated from the city of Novi Sad in Yugoslavia seven years ago, leaving behind her entire family. She speaks Serbo-Croatian and English. Now, she lives with her husband, retired Saratoga High librarian Hungarian-American Tibor Szalay, whom she met in her hometown.

Macesic has been working at the school for three years. In the morning she works in the textbook room while fellow staff member Janet Verson works in the copy room, and then Macesic switches into the copy room in the afternoon.

Even though she estimates about 2 million copies are made in just one year, Macesic keeps the system organized and quick with the help of a recently installed copy machine that can make 105 copies per minute.

“We have a lot of copies during the school year,” said Macesic. “We have copy requisition forms, and we copy whatever teachers need.”

She loves being part of the SHS staff family and enjoys both her responsibilities.

“My favorite part of this job here in the textbook room is dealing with the books and the students. It makes me satisfied that I can save these books, so we’re not throwing them away,” said Macesic. “In the copy room, I’m in contact with practically the entire staff of the school and they’re all nice. I don’t have any negatives about this job.”

After a hard day of work, Macesic, like everyone else, has a hobby and passion. She loves to bake, and after years of practice, she has developed a talent for cake decorating.

From a cake disguised as a weaved basket and yarn balls that she rolled with fondant string, to a three-tiered cake with detailed gowns on the side, embellished little pearls and a red and gold crown on top, Macesic makes all her cakes from scratch. More impressively, Macesic never took formal lessons and taught herself how to bake.

“Besides spending time with my husband and my friends, I love to bake cakes,” Macesic said. “I bake my cakes for friends and decorate them and make them happy!”

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