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Injuries plague staff

Teaching has traditionally been viewed as a noble profession; however, in light of recent events it may soon be considered a dangerous one as well.

A string of educators, including history teachers Kim Anzalone and Jerry Sheehy, science teacher Lisa Cochrum, math teacher Julie Scola and French teacher Kim Bergkamp have suffered various accidents over the past month.

Softball mishap

History teacher Jerry Sheehy was pitching to his P.E. class for their softball unit when a line drive from one of his students broke Sheehy’s nose. After undergoing surgery, he now looks as if no accident had ever happened.

“It was very painful, but I was very lucky to have the support of my wife, the school staff and the students. I am happy to be back,” said Sheehy.

In order to continue teaching his students, Sheehy videotaped himself lecturing from home and then had the substitute play it during class. Sheehy mentioned that some of his students joked that Sheehy’s lectures were “hostage” tapes because of Sheehy’s beat-up look, the home video quality, and the dark room that he was in.
May was an eventful month for Sheehy when on May 24, he became the proud father of a baby boy named Cole.

During the weekend in Hollister Hills to go dirt biking for her birthday, Anzalone took a turn to fast and slammed into a hill. Her leg went one way while her body went the other. She received a spiral fracture on her left fibula.

Anzalone expects to the cast to come off in two or three weeks.

“I’m either in my wheelchair trying to roll around or on crutches, hurting my armpits! By the end of the day, my toes look like sausages, and my students just love having my leg elevated with my foot in their faces!” said Anzalone.

Dirtbiking accident

Cochrum’s school spirit ended up bringing her trip to the emergency room when she became a victim of a dunk-tank incident on April 24, during Spring Fling week. Cochrum fell into the tank after a student hit the target with a softball. Once inside, she could not figure out how to get up.

“I assumed I needed to ‘pop’ myself out, like you do in the deep end of the pool. I put my hand on the seat, which I had back into the upright position,” said

After Cochrum put her body weight on it, the seat suddenly collapsed and slammed into her face. It hit Cochrum’s glasses which cut her face just below her eye.

After her visit to the hospital, Cochrum resurfaced with eight stitches and a minor concussion.

“When I came back on Monday, there were all sorts of rumors flying about,” said Cochrum. “I was punched in the eye by Mr. Bosco (my personal favorite), that a student hit me in the face with a softball in the dunk tank or that I fell on my face getting out of the tank.”

Despite her injuries, Cochrum found a way to look on the bright side. Since her glasses were completely destroyed in the accident, she hopes to get glasses with sparkles to match fellow science teacher Kirsten Thompson.

Running to injury

Scola injured her calf when she jogged out of her classroom to get something.

“She couldn’t walk and so I went over and helped her get back into the classroom. Some teachers came and [Amy] Obenour said that it was probably a strained calf,” said junior Kian Banks.

Bergkamp was running as well when she received a foot injury and hopes to be back on the trails soon.

“Students have expressed concern, and have suggested a break from grammar and homework to speed the recovery,” said Bergkamp.

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