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Freshman c-walking into Youtube stardom

More than 30,000 people have viewed one of freshman Sharuay Agrawal’s “C-walk” dance videos, and many more of his videos have over 1,000 views. With his lightning quick feet and smooth dance moves, Agrawal is a local upcoming YouTube star

“I’m not a star yet,” said Agrawal, “but I’m getting more subscribers each day.”

“C-walking” is a style of hip-hop dance that is sweeping across the nation. It is a style that focuses on rapid movements of the feet and legs. According to Agrawal, the “crip walk” is the most popular form of “C-walking”, and the it is divided into two separate dances; the “clown walk” and the “crown walk.” Agrawal has been practicing the “clown walk” style for over a year.

“I like c-walking because it’s just fun to do,” said Agrawal. “You get so into the music you feel like you’re part of it.”

Underground music is an important part of “C-walking.” However, dancers’ videos that contain mainstream music get removed from YouTube due to copyright issues, according to Agrawal.

Every “C-walker” posts their videos on YouTube. Agrawal has about 30 videos on his channel, and he frequently adds new videos.

“I don’t really practice like most people do,” said Agrawal. “I just go straight into making videos and posting what people want to see.”

Agrawal’s videos average from one to three minutes long, and each video he posts up has a different theme. He has multiple videos that are based on particular songs, a birthday dedication for his friend, a dance crew tryout video and some mix tapes that track his progress over a period of the months.

“I ‘private’ the old videos because I want to keep the newest videos up,” said Agrawal.

Agrawal already has over 650 subscribers, and he hopes that number will grow with time. He doesn’t plan to stop making “C-walk” videos anytime soon.

“I want to get at least 1,000 subscribers someday,” said Agrawal, “maybe more than that if I get lucky.”

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