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Junior learning to rock the ukelele

Learning a new instrument can be challenging. The different chords, keys, and playing variations would clearly confuse even an amateur player . It usually takes at least six months for a beginner to get a foothold on their instrument, but for junior Abner Inzunza, the chords and playing styles of the ukelele came quickly.

The reason for his skill in the obscure instrument? He had learned the guitar in 8th grade but found that he was not suited for it because the chords were a little to complex and his teacher was not very motivating. While most people opt for learning the guitar over the ukulele, Inuzuna was determined on pursuing the ukelele because he found it to be easier.

“I had a horrible teacher, and didn’ t end up learning much,” said Inzunza. “I just picked up an interest in the ukulele and I liked how it sounded and how compact it is. It was also a bit easier to learn, so it made playing for fun.”

Inzunza has been learning how to play the ukulele since February of this year, mainly by watching YouTube tutorials and teaching himself on the ukelele his friend gave him. Through these tutorials, Inzunza learned how to play a variety of songs. Out of the songs he knows how to play and sing, Inzunza’s favorite is “1234” by Plain White T’s; the other songs Inzuza has learned how to play are Womanizer, Bedrock, and Fireflies.

” [When I play] it really relaxes and cheers up people in class,” said Inzunza. “I’m just happy people appreciate it when I play”.

Inzunza was inspired to play the ukulele because of Chipswow, a French woman who plays popular
English songs.

“I like Chipswow because her songs are so raw; meaning both the covers she does and her original songs,” said Inzunza.

As of now Inzunza doesn’t write his own music as he had only been playing for two months, but plans to as soon as he masters the basics. Inzunza, however, did write his own version to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, making the lyrics more personal by relating it to Saratoga.

“It is actually really funny,” said Inzunza. “I couldn’t stop laughing when I was singing it. I had a lot of fun writing it and I might start writing my own songs eventually.”

Inzunza plans to pursue this hobby as it gives him time to relax and focus on something un-academic.

“I think it’s a great instrument because it not only helps me discover myself but it’s fun and entertaining,” said Inzunza. “It also helps me relax, no matter who is listening.”

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