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Chubby Bunny

“1…chubby bunny…2…chubby bunny…3…chwubby bwunny…4…twubby bwunny…5…” All of the Chubby Bunny participants sounded exactly the same as they put one marshmallow in after the other. For those unfamiliar, Chubby Bunny is a childhood past time in which people compete to see how many marshmallows they can put in their mouth before their uttering of “chubby bunny” becomes incoherent. In the first showdown, seniors Mika Padmanabhan and Trevor Teerlink stuffed six and seven marshmallows in their mouths respectively, leaving witnesses in awe. The marshmallows were not the average mini or normal sized marshmallows but jumbo sized, around an inch and a half . Seeing the chipmunk-like cheeks of both contestants, we found it hard to believe that anyone was going to break seven. We were wrong.

On choir break, seniors Victor Wong and Fred Chua, and Junior Pat Soung were strong competitors with Wong six, Chua seven, and Soung eight. Freshman Cameron Perry impressively managed to shove ten marshmallows into his mouth. Our record-breaking streak was temporarily interrupted while senior Nathan Kim determinedly put seven marshmallows in. Hoping to find one last miracle contestant, we asked Physics teacher Kirk Davis who referred us to Biology AP teacher Bob Kucer. Kucer, unfamiliar with the game, kept shouting “chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny” until the rules were made clear. Putting on a show for his students as well as us, we were shocked to see him strategically place 12 marshmallows in his mouth, breaking not only our expectations, but the overall record.

Although chubby bunny can be a fun idea, actually stuffing marshmallows in your mouth is not so pleasant.

“I felt like I was going to choke,” said Soung, “but afterwards I felt accomplished.”

Kucer, holding the current record however, did not share the same sentiments as Soung.

“[I felt] no significant changes in my religion or spiritual life. It didn’t quite meet my expectations as getting a tin pie of shaving cream shoved in my face or getting a bloody nose,” said Kucer. “It didn’t help me be inspired to grade all my writing assignments in AP Biology.”

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