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Fashion trends of the last decade

With every new time period comes a fashion transformation. Whether it reflects the economic standards of the people or the strife of the country, fashion is affected by its surroundings and the people who make it.

The 2000s were no exception to this as trends ranged from skinny jeans to leggings; slip-on shoes to the infamous Crocs. But when the current generation reminisces about the past 10 years, fashion will be a major component by which to judge the decade.

Obvious emblems of the 2000s include bright polo shirts and popped collars among young men across America, while girls had a stage of leaning toward the revivals of Bohemian-inspired tops and leggings of the ’80s. Though leggings can be worn with almost anything, a major fashion no-no was simply wearing leggings as pants. Uggs also became popular with girls even wearing them as late as spring. Trendy between both genders entail skinny jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses and Vans shoes.

However, in the fashion world, originality is pretty rare and trends rise out of constant copying: the classic monkey see, monkey do. With young celebrities walking around town getting photographed, the average people of the world have every chance to imitate those trends on their own. From this observation, fads like oversized sunglasses and handbags and high-waisted skirts were made popular by celebrities like Paris Hilton and the Olsen twins.

Trends that stemmed out of music scenes and evolved into hipster territory included plaid flannel, hipster scarves and slip-on shoes. As they rose in popularity, people could be seen wearing these fashions almost anywhere.

When catastrophe hit the U.S. economy, however, people opted for cheaper sources for clothing. Yet not all brands were hit hard as they utilized the holiday season to have large sales. People took these chances of major discounts to stock up on clothing for the year to come, doing anything to be more frugal.

Fashion trends tend to depend on the market and the people buying products, yet everyone is guilty of partaking in a fad or two. While the current generation looks back on the 2000s, people will agree there were plenty of hits and misses, all the better to spice up fashion history.

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