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Music thefts burst school’s illusion of safety

Ever since the start of the new year, students who frequently visit the music building have noticed that certain items are missing. These items include a computer, several thousand dollar instruments, belonging to both the students and the school, and keys used to get in and out of the building.

Saratoga High is known for its safe and friendly environment. Usually, discipline problems are not an issue here—certainly not compared to most other schools.

However, what many students don’t realize is that there is still a fair amount of theft here. These thefts are not just the result of carelessness by the students. Somebody is actually putting an effort into stealing from the music building because the stolen items had been left safely on a rack inside the music building, which is usually kept locked. The only way someone would be able to take instruments from this rack without another person noticing is to come before school, after school, or over the weekend. Many believe that the thief is repeatedly breaking into the music building over the weekends.

A possible motive could simply be money. But it could be possible that the thief actually may not be stealing because he or she wants the item, but because of the exhilaration gained from the act of stealing. Most students can afford to buy the items that have been stolen, if they don’t already own them. Instead, the rush of excitement combined with the thrill of being able to get away with stealing may be what prompts students into committing such shameful acts.

Too often students are lax about protecting their possessions in our school environment. But fear can be beneficial. The constant thought of what could happen makes one more aware and cautious. The possibility of losing an iTouch or a $4,000 instrument at school is enough to make one want to make sure that one’s belongings are always within reach.

Perhaps, by bursting this illusion that we live in a totally safe environment, we can come back to reality. We have to stop any existing carelessness, acknowledge the fact that we are never really safe from thieves and act as if others are trying to take our most valuable possessions if we want to remain safe.

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